Customized research

A specific operational, commercial or policy problem in the retail payments domain can be researched. A study that has been finalised in November 2001, researches the integration of e-payments into the online transaction process . The study covers both the Business to Consumer (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B) segment and discusses:
- current practices with respect to building integrated on-line shopping processes, 
- standards, models and architectures for the on-line shopping and payment process,
- policy implications and standardization suggestions. 
 Click here for more information on the results of the study and the workshop. 

Another example of this kind of research, which I executed in 1999 together with M. Santema, is the research into processing time and value dating in the Netherlands payment system. The result of this work: ‘Onderzoek naar de verwerkingsduur van overboekingen en naar valutering in het Nederlandse betalingsverkeer’  was presented, on 23 December 1999, by Minister Zalm to the Lower House. A brief description of the report has been published in the Quarterly Bulletin of De Nederlandsche Bank and is available both in Dutch and English.

A brief research paper is the analysis of standardisation of payment instruments is available in the following paper:
Lelieveldt, Simon L, Standardizing Retail Payment Instruments, pp 186-197 In: Jacobs, K. Information Technology Standards and Standardization: A Global Perspective, Hershey, 2000.

Comparative research

As a member of a BIS/G-10 task force I have contributed to a comparative research study of the security of electronic money. A general level overview, based on the analysis of the protocol specifications, key management structure and security policy of all relevant e-money issuers at that time, has been published in the BIS-report, Security of Electronic Money (August 1996, Basle). Also, from 1995-2000 I've produced the Dutch chapter in the BIS-Survey of Electronic Money Developments.

As a member of the BIS Working Group on retail payments I have contributed to a comparison of retail payment instruments and clearing and settlement infrastructures in the G-10 countries and Australia. Part A of our study dealt with retail payment instruments and was published in September 1999 (Retail payments in selected countries: a comparative study). Part B, published in September 2000, described the Clearing and Settlement Arrangements for Retail Payments in Selected Countries.

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