Sunday, October 31, 2004

German Federal Institute for Financial Services Supervision Issues Germany's First E-Banking License to A Telco Operator

The German Federal Institute for Financial Services Supervisions authorised the NCS mobile payment Bank GmbH under NAK 32, Para. 1, Clause 1 combined with NAK 1, Para. 1, Clause 2, No. 11 German Banking Act, to issue and administer electronic money (e-money business). See:

Undoubtedly this is the first of many more operators to follow. A new market is now emerging, which is the market of regulated or unregulated mobile operators. In that market NCS mobile payment Bank is now officially the first mover (with Vodafone UK being the unofficial zero-mover; operating under the waiver of a small e-money operator). See also the website:

Monday, October 25, 2004

Yahoo Direct gives in to Paypal

Emerce reports that Yahoo will stop its payment method: Yahoo Direct as of November 22 this year. It was unable to get a substantial foothold in the market for auction-payments alongside competitor Paypal (who has two thirds of this market).

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