Services and assignments

Business development
I assist clients with the further development of their business strategy and the legal rules that apply, depending on the business-setup. This relates for example to managing the regulatory compliance for issuers of new currencies, loyalty systems or electronic money. It can also mean a further exploration of the change-over of a private label payment card to a PSD2-compliant payment instrument. In the delivery of my services I often join a team or cooperate with external legal experts of the relevant country.

I work as an compliance officer or interim-compliance manager for clients that wish to evaluate their compliance with regulatory rules. I¬†assist with the interactions and dialogue with the supervisor and laid out alternative scenario’s in order to find a pragmatic but well organised and documented way forward.

Position papers
I assist companies and trade bodies with the analysis of regulatory developments in Europe and the drafting of position papers. The past years I have contributed to both national and European legislative consultations in the area of payments, security of payments and supervisory regimes.

Impact assessments and business redesign
New regulations require an assessment of their impact on the business and the business model. I perform these assessments with a view to maintaining flexible and compliant in the future. An example has to do with analysing the impact of financial legislation on the instant crediting of cash inflows. In another case I am assisting a large corporate organisation in converting their private label card into a payment instrument that is compliant under the second Payment Services Directive.

The Electronic Money Association in London required a revamp of their website and a more content-driven communication (blog). I also helped out with the organisation and structure of the members intranet.

For a department of payment-professionals I acted as the interim-manager for half a year, to cover for a period of illness of a line manager. I’ve also held an interim-position as compliance manager for a one-year period at a Dutch electronic money institution.

Workshops and courses
I have held workshops on request of a number of organisation to further discuss future developments in payments, supervision and the development of new currencies. In one case the workshop was geared to sharing the payments-industry basics with an entrepreneur, considering investments in new-currency based startups. Another example is a one-day course on blockchain and its impact, that I developed for a financial institution.

Conferences en events
I have cooperated with local publishers and organisations on a number of events that have to do with payments. I regularly appear on media and act as a trainer, key-note speaker, chairman of events. See for more information this page.

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